Although 1x2 betting might sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple. This betting market, also acknowledged as three-way betting, full time betting or match betting, is used only for sporting events that have three possible outcomes – a win, a loss or a draw. It becomes less popular as the likelihood of a draw falls in accordance with the sport in question. 

With 1x2 betting, you have the chance to win whether a game is won at home or away, or ends in a draw. The 1 = the home win, the x = a draw and the 2 = the away win.

As an example of 1x2 betting, let's take a recent match from bet365: Schalke is playing PAOK Salonika. The 1 stands for Schalke to win and odds are 1.5 (1/2), meaning if you staked 10EUR and Schalke wins the match, you would win 15EUR (a profit of 5EUR).  

Wed 22 Feb  

  1 x 2
Schalke v. PAOK Salonika 1.50 4.50 7.50

The odds for a draw (denoted by "x") are 4.5 (7/2). A 10EUR stake on a draw would have a possible return of 45EUR (35EUR profit).

To bet on PAOK Salonika winning, you would be selecting "2" with odds of 7.5 (13/2). The return on a 10EUR stake would be 75EUR, however should PAOK Salonika end in a draw or lose, you would be losing your 10EUR stake.

Bookmakers throughout Europe prefer 1x2 betting, mostly because it’s been a long-held tradition in the sports gambling world. It also gives more chances for more winners—and that increases bookies’ profits as well. 

No matter which choice you make, odds are you’ll make a sweet profit using three-way betting! There are plenty of online sites and bookmakers that offer this fantastic form of sports betting.