BTTS meaning

If you choose to place a bet on “both teams to score” this means that by the end of the game both teams must have at least one goal each. It doesn't matter if it is in the regular time or if it is scored from penalty. As long as both teams have scored your bet is winning.

If you choose “NO” in this type of bet that means that you need only one of teams to score or neither of them.

Placing such a bet is a good idea, when for example, you are not sure in your prediction who will win, but you are convinced that both teams play offensively and there is a big chance for both of them to score.


In the screenshot you can see the goals stats of Almere City FC for their last matches. In all games both teams have scored at least  goal.


BTTS odds and accumulators

The odds for this market could be very dynamic and sometimes worth trying, but sometimes not. So in order to increase the odds you can combine this bet with another prediction as well. For example you will find options in some bookmakers to choose “both teams to score” + to select the winner in the match. Usually odds are pretty low only for winner in the match when you want to choose the obvious favorite, so this is great option to increase your odds. The odds will definitely be higher if you choose accumulator bet – of course at the cost of more risk. So you would want to make your research before placing such a bet.

Another accumulator that you can find offered very often by the bookies is “both teams to score” + over 2.5 or 3.5 goals. The over 3.5 goals option again brings very high risk especially for bigger leagues, because we rarely can see so many goals in them. But if you bet on smaller leagues over 3.5 goals is much more likely to happen.

If over 2.5 goals options is available that would be a much better deal. If you decide to place a bet on “both teams to score” just one more goal has to be scored and your bet will be winning in this case. And again the odds for such accumulator will be higher than if you take only one of the markets.


Adopt BTTS in your betting strategy

Now that you know how “both teams to score” market works you can implement it in your betting strategy. Make a little research about your favorite teams and their goals statistics and you are ready to go.

If you are considering to adopt this strategy in you betting you will also want to learn more about over/ under betting before placing your bet.

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