In expresses, the coefficients of all the events occurring in it are multiplied among themselves. But probability theory is inexorable - the chances of winning these events are also multiplied among themselves. In practice, this translates into the fact that large expresses in 7-8 bets with even low coefficients pass very rarely. Bookmakers offer an alternative in the form of systems. The 3/8 system means that all possible triple trains from the selected events will be left. The S8 method is a hybrid of these two approaches.

How to use S8 strategy.

The principle of S8 allows you to create only eight of the eight events. To do this, all forecasts are assigned numbers and make up to 8 combinations of three events in such a way that each forecast is present in at least three combinations. Ready-made solution:









Numbering should be done not randomly, but taking into account the assessment of the reliability of each bet. Under the numbers 1,2,5,6 should be the most likely outcomes. Experienced players advise outcomes with coefficients ranging from 1.4 to 1.7.

How to win on the S8 strategy.

In order to make a profit on the strategy S8, you need to win 6 of these combinations (+ 20-30% of the rate), with seven matches you can already double the invested funds, the maximum profit is more than 200%. In the event of a loss of more events, there is a good chance to return some of the money. For example, if you pass five combinations, the player will get back 80% of his bet, and for four - 40-50%.

Despite the fact that the S8 method is an interesting compromise between large expresses and systems, one must always keep in mind the theory of probability. In this case, the player will have eight triples. In each of them, the probability of three events is multiplied. Without a good forecaster talent, such a system will lead to a loss. However, the rate and magnitude of losses will be much less than using large expresses without analysis or strategies based on Martingale.