One of the most important unwritten rules of sport betting, of which a punter should be aware, is always take the best price available.

To be a profitable punter you should have as many bookmakers as possible. You should always be “odds shopping” to ensure you get the best price on a bet.

The highest available price may be close to or even better than the fair odds. Of course, each bookmakers will believe that their odds have the disadvantages of their overround safely built into them. Nevertheless, when prices vary considerably from one bookmaker to the next, obviously not all bookmakers can be right!

Intuitively, this is obvious, but many punters are creatures of habit, preferring to walk down to their local high street bookmaker or having only or two with whom they fell comfortable.


Nowadays there are at least 30 reliable internet bookmaker with whom it is possible to safely do business, and perhaps 100 or more altogether. If you find a decent price with a new bookmaker, it takes only 5 minutes to open a betting account.

Even if it could seem nothing those 2% or 3% points could represent the difference between lost and profit. Betting using only your “trusted” bookmaker will statistically condemn you to be a loser on the long run. Always remember that in the daily fight with the bookies we always start from behind and we have to overcame the overround which could be as high as 10% for the less honest Bookmaker.


- First of all, register to which is at the moment the best betting odds comparison available.

- Find the bookmakers that better suits your betting style and your favorite markets

- Check on the web their reputation and start opening it (don’t forget to get some bonus in doing so).

Remember, whatever will be your bookmakers choice you can’t afford to not have in your portfolio one or more of the big ones as such PINNACLE and SBOBET over all!

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