I'm convinced more professional is the paid tipster, more money will touch the subscriber and less money will touch the....paid tipster. It shouldn' be like this...

If a Tipster share 80 units of REAL profit in three months with -10, 120 and - 30 respectively and other Tipster share 20 units of UNREAL profit in three months sharing respectively 6,8 and 6, the first one will touch only one month of subcription and the second one all three months.

Ok, let's change first scenario and split those 80 units of REAL profit in 30,60 and -10. In this scenario, first one would touch two months of Subscription and the other one would touch the entire subscription.

By UNREAL profit, take in account early bets, trash bookies, live picks and mainly the big trap that happens daily: to pick w/o logic. How for God Sake, a tipster will place three stakes in a U20 game of 125 dollars and same or just one unit more in a 9k dollars match. 
However, I would like to emphasize the fact a Professional Tipster Always have to try the big odds when he have a big spread in front of us. Otherwise he would be just a coward.

Variance month after month is natural.

The Blog w/o variance is a Blog without solid Real Profit.

Blogabet says it is not possible anymore to offer three to 12 months subscription as they used to do before.

So, @Brasil says is not possible anymore to (try to) offer the Heaven in Long Term.

I don' t care about myself and how many units a client have in his last day of contract. This aproach doesn' t suit to the Betting World. 

My daily fight is against Pinnacle, Sbobet and Dafabet. 

I like to beat them.

Sad but Blogabet doesn' t suit to what I believe is a Professional Service. That's why I will be obliged to back soon to the Betting World.

The day Blogabet make an effort to enlarge months of Subscription would be a better day.

But as i still see on Blogabet's main page "Top Paid" service or "High Yield" Service as something relevant, I don't have faith this scenario will change.
Even then, I love Blogabet. Cheers.