Hello, dear members and readers of the BlogaBet. Currently investments in sports betting are gaining every year in popularity. I'm investing a lot in this sphere of activity. But there is always the problem of "selection of the tipster". Below I will try to outline the main criteria for the selection of tipster for investment that I was able to collect over the years in this sphere of activity.

The identity of the tipster.

Before you start working with a tipster, you have to meet him. Yes, of course, personally to meet him to fail, but to learn everything that interests you should at least on the Internet. It is necessary to know not only the personal characteristics of the tipster, but his way of life. Tipster must have considerable experience and professionalism. Of course, when communicating via the Internet is unlikely to rely on the complete honesty of the tipster, but also a true professional will not lie.

Increasing profit. Strategy.

Perhaps this is the first that draws all buyers. Yes, of course, increasing profit means the existence of profit. But we should not blindly believe the schedule profitability. A graphics the profits are built by months and what is happening during the month from the first glance it is hard to see. And during this month could be a situation when "drained" almost the whole bankroll (which is a disaster for any investor). You have to examine each forecast throughout the month to check for: "negative series", the accuracy exhibited odds (some tipster overstate the odds to obtain greater profits). In addition, in the study of "history tips" you should notice the presence of some strategy, which at a distance gives a positive trend.

Bankroll management. Drawdown.

One of the main criteria for the success of any tipster is "bankroll management". Every tipster chooses how to manage the bankroll. In this case, it would be nice the presence of the "financial education". Proper bankroll management allows you to reduce the "maximum drawdown" during "minus series". In addition it is very important that the tipster took into account the "bet size" and "maximum bet with a bookmaker". For the various Championships bookmakers offer different "highs bet". With a small investment it is not noticeable. But if your average bet is more than $ 10 000 - it is very important (it may happen that "the size of the bet of the tipster" does not match "the maximum size of the bet with a bookmaker" and you will lose some profit, but in the statistics of the tipster profit is reflected).

Communication with customers. Psychology.

And of course any tipster should liaise with their customers. He should publish the advice at a convenient time and inform about it in advance. An important criterion is "psychology":  is the attitude of the tipster to losses. Many are beginning it is inexpedient to increase the size and number of bets, leading to even greater loss of money.

Every tipster he needs to develop his philosophy of betting.

Good luck)