I was on lot of sites where people sell picks and have bad experiance.

They are all scams and dont pay to the paid tipsters !!! People who have sites who sell picks bettingrunner, betadvisor, tipsterconnect and many more.

First why ?

You will never know how many people actualy buy your tips. They will tell you 2 people or one and they maybe sell to more then 60 people and share with you nothing.

How i know that ? Because all other selling picks platforms dont have MAIN FEED and dont have CONTACT TIPSTERS messages. If they have that you can ask your folowers or visitors to contact you to see who actually buying your picks. Blogabet is liberal platform and you can ask that question in main feed or in your blog posts so every follower who buy from you can contact you. So if more people contact you then you actually you have clients then something is wrong but i dont think blogabet work that way. So for that obvious reason ALL OTHER selling platforms are pure scamming sites toward paid tipsters.

Actually in one of them i hade once 200 picke pregames with yield over 80% and no revenue . So mates dont even try to waist your time with selling picks elsewhere.

Also i will tell you one more thing all top 10 tipsters on all other paid platforms are always PROFILES OF THE SITE OWNERS . You canot check stats , you canot make a public complain against them in main feed because they simply dont have main feed. Example you are buying the tips fromm them and some day you will notice some loosing tips became winning or disapeared from stats , what can you do ? Can you tell others on that site this is a scam ? NO YOU CANT. But in blogabet you can do that so for me this is only decent platform for selling picks. It is simple no main feed in which you can participate then it is 1000% scam.

Also competition sites like betingexperts are pure scam but toward visitors , yes they give free tips but always 2-3 guys wins everytime thats not normal. I researched that and noticed that they give false odds which dont exist in real in time of posting in handicaps , when top tipsters who take all prizes post. When you willl try to post that odds for handicaps, odds are lower for 10-20% so they are medium scammers also.

So here what you see is what you get in blogabet, they are not perfect but to be real they are most fair platform on the net.