What you need ?

1) Money to bet ( bank ) and smart thinking how to use a bank

2) Never bet on away win on odds which are bigger then 1.80 you will loose in long run

3) Never bet on small leagues they fix games like crazy

4) Never bet in sunday in last games on favourites ( they often 60% ends like draw )

5) Bet live better the odds 

6) When you winning always cover your bets in last 15 minutes ( late goals )

7) Play under 2.5 goals they are more often then over goals ( it is more easy not to score then to score )

8) Wait for favourite to loose and in next game they win 80% of the time

9 ) In live bets wait favourite to receive goal and then play 1X or AH 0 in 75 % of the time they will recover.

10 ) Wait favourite to trail ( basketball ) then play on them they will recover in 75 % of the time . 

What you think you agree or not ?