First step go to Pinnacle pregame odds for some game. They have sharpest handicaps.

If for example handicap is on -10 points, write that and remember.

Step two.

Wait that game to start. Wait for a momment when home team is trailing or start loosing and handicap is for example -3.5. Then tke a bet of 10 units.

Step three.

Probably after a while handicap will again rise and will be for example -12 points like prematchs odds. 

Then you decide to leave and go for a win or to be extra safe and do step four.

Step four.

Play contrahandicap with 10 units on oposite team when is -12.00 points handicap. So you will have a sure bet so u canot loose and u can make sure win if away team dont loose with 12 points.


Instructions how to win with football bets.

Go to Pinnacle where they have sharpest odds.

For example you play 10 units on home win odds 2.30.

If u are lucky home team will score in first half, then is the time to play contrahandicap and to secure your bet.

So then you play 3 units on draw, which will be odds arround 4.00 - 5.00.

So if game ends 1-0 you will have 10 units profit, if game ends like a draw u will have a push (moneyback or small win).

Only way you can loose is on away win which is by stats very hard to achieve. But if u are extra safe when odds reach 10 on away win u can play 1.4 units to have a push.

So this is a way to have, contastant profit with safest betting way possible * with cover bets.

Bad thing for this kind of betting is you must play live and to be engaged with the game all the time.

Trust me I know, after all I have highest yield in history after 2000 picks, right here in this blogabet site using this hack in similar fashion with covering some picks.

If you dont trust me try it your self with next 10 picks and write in comment i was write or wrong.