First, this scheme requires the choice of one or two offices, which give the most accurate, in the opinion of the forecaster, the coefficients. It is necessary to analyze how quotations in a particular office are changed, and to compare these changes with the results.

Secondly, the falling coefficients are far from being the key to success. If you blindly play on the lower lines, in the end you can be in serious minus. However, most professionals believe that if the outcome was given from 1.4 to 1.9, and a few hours before the start of the match quotes fell by 10-20%, in the vast majority of cases, the bookmaker will be right.

Thirdly, thoughtless play on large coefficients will not have any effect due to its instability. The fall from 4.0 to 3.2 is hardly worth considering as a sign of the outsider's appearance of some sudden advantages. Bets on falling coefficients of this type are well justified if the quotes for plus points have not undergone strong changes compared to a clean victory. It is on plus points and it makes sense to play in this case.

Fourthly, for each player in the case of applying such a strategy, it is necessary to keep track of which rates on the coefficients of what size bring the greatest profit, and how these coefficients changed compared to the initial arrangements.
It is also important to remember that this strategy is highly dependent on sports. For example, in hockey she works very mediocre, whereas tennis and football look much more preferable here.