How to choose service which you can trust and which can make you money ? Read this before you start buying , subscribing or whatever

It depends how much you bet , you are small bettor or big ? Let me explaine .

If you are small bettor for example you bet 10 euro per bet.

Limitation will not be a problem for long time, so you can choose non asian tipster who use bet365, fonbet , bwin . But here is the catch most of country have additionall taxes on winning. They are high 5-10% . So if some tipster make you 100 dollars in real you will win only 90 dollars coz you must pay taxes. And then take in mind that overal tield which you will have will be smaller by 10%. That not mean if tipster have 30% yield you will have 20 % yield. you will have 10% less which is in the end 27% yield/profit. So this is acceptable but you must take this in mind in your calculations.

But you canot make lots of money with non asian bookies, and i will explaine you why with most important thing MONEY EXAMPLE

Best tipster by stats here who use non asian bookies have 20% yield after 1000 picks.

So if you play 1000 picks x 10 euro thats is possible profit of 10.000 eu ( if you win them all )

But like we can see u can win IN BEST CASE yield 20% on long run so in real you can win 200 BETS x 10 euro = 2.000 euro.

Thats not so bad if you live in third world but , here is important thing !!

Those 2.000 euro no tipster will provide you in one month , simply almost nobody plays 1.000 tips per month . Those 2.000 euro best yield tipsters who plays on non asians bookies can provide you in 5-6 months ( if they play average 10 bets per day ) or in a year if they play 5 bets per day )

So if they play 10 bets per day you can get only 2000 eu divided by 6 months = 330 euro per month in best case or 165 euro per month if they play normal 5 bets per day . If they play slow 1-2 bets per day then my friend you can expect to get only 70-80 euro per month if they play with good 20% yield .

If we see that average price for tipster who use non asian is 50 euro per month even if he have 20% yield that month u can get only 25 euro per month.

And if u pay taxes of 10% then u will get really bad profit, which you can get it by your self ( in this scenario he can win you +20 euro per month if he play followable slow 1-2 picks per day ) . In my eyes is better to play on Barca win next game 1.20 with 100 euro and have that profit of 20 euros.

So to brings you profit of 330 eu per month ( best case scenario ) he must play at least 10 bets per day, so ask your self can i play all 10 bets everyday do i have time for that ? Das it worth to me to spend all day long waiting for picks for just 330 eu per month in best case scenario ???

But i am just saying the facts , you must decide what is best for you.

IMPORTANT to be fair : U can play more than 10 eu per bet only if you have 10 bookies account ( non asian ) in long run . But sooner or later you will be limited there to 1-2 euros. Try it. Also argument is you can play in local bookie shops. But imagine your self you get a info 30 minutes before game start and you must run to 10 different shops to play 10 x 10 euros . This is imposible except you are not superman who can fly or mafia boss who can call the bookies employee , who knows everybody and in 5 minutes he can play all those bets. Ordinary punter canot do that. Also this is expence of transportation, parking which will take your profit down. Also this is gouvernment taxes of 10 % per win . So in money what that means ? 20% yield when u spend time and money to bet in 10 shops and u must pay 10% taxes in bookmaker shop will decrease your profit. So your profit is very slim in real life.

Also tipsters who use non asian bookies and play live bets are bad. You will never get same odds , same oportunity to make money like on paper. In live betting you canot have time to play on 10 bookies ( non assians ) so u can bet more than 10 euro if u play online.  That is why people should reconsider before they follow, play or buy non asian bookie tipster tips WHEN HE PLAYS LIVE BETS. 


Now i want to explaine you about tipsters who use asian bookmakers ( good and bad things )

You can make big money with them but also you can loose big money with them. For example you can bet those bets with average 1000 eu per bet. Which is good thing if you are rich.

But what is dangerous ?

About price of service versus how much you can win with them ...

Top Assian tipsters have 10% yield after 1.000 picks . Lets translate that in money. 

That means that they win 100 picks more then they loose in 1000 picks ( if average odds is 2.00 ) 

So 100 picks x 1000 euro = 100.000 euro . So If they bet 100 picks per month average 3 per day you can expect to have 1000 picks in one year . So 100 picks per month with 10% win is 10 winning bets . 10 winning bets x 1000 euro = 10.000 euro. 

Price for Assian tipsters is on average 100 euro. So this is a bargain. For 100 euro u can get a guy who can make you per month 10.000 euro.

If u are small Asian bettor who play 100 euro per bet , in this case in the end of the month you will have 1.000 euro profit and you pay for the service only 100 euro.

Let we now compare non asian tipsters with yield 20% vs asian tipsters with yield 10%

Like i explained you before non asian gets in best case for you ( 10 euro per bet ) in the end of the month 330 euro but you must play more than 10 bets per day to achieve that ( maybe you are in work , maybe you miss the bet, maybe you drive kids at school ) so 10 bets per day to play them always is not followable WHICH IS BAD THING for your profit. But ok 330 euro in best case scenario.

On the other hand u have 3 tips per day Asian and in WORST CASE 1.000 EURO PROFIT and in best case 10.000 euro profit per month with followable 3 picks per day.

So this is no brainer best case 330 euro is way lower then 1.000 euro in worst case scenario playing with asian and in 10.000 euro scenario is a midget. So if we translate this in money 20 % yield non assian is 3 times worst then 10% yield Assian ( on same ammount of picks ) Why simply you will get 3 times more money with Assian bookies, in same time , same number of picks.  So in fact when you see 10% yield multiply that with x3 if u play 100 eu per bet on Assian and u can get proper yield for comparison . If you play 1.000 eu per bet then 10% yield is worth multiply that x 30 time ( more profit ) so this is like u have 300% yield playing Non asians ( that stronger in terms of final product money is playing on Asian bookies  compared on non asian bookies )

Profesional investors knows this , it is time blogabet to inform real truth to the gamblers . I doubt they will publish this but i will try it.

-Just to add not every sport on Asian have high limit of >1.000 euro but lowest limit is 100 euro per bet ( scenario when you can win 1.000 eu per month )


So what to do ???

Non asians can bring you only 330 eu per month if you are lucky ( but you can loose not big money if something go wrong which is good )

Asians can bring you big money ( but you can be bancroupt fast  high risk if tipster start loosing like crazy )

That is up to you to decide.


You have medium option which nobody use.Smart combo 2-3 tips in combo tipsters with average odds over 3.00.

Combos have higher yield but let presume best after 1000 picks is 15% .

From 100 picks per month ( 3 picks per day combos ) if tipster win only 40% of the bets on odds higher then 3 with 100 euro per bet thats big and safe. 

40 bets X 3 odds = 300 euro x 40  times = 12000 euro in just 100 bets. Total investment is 10000  euro on 100 bets and in the end you win 2.000 euro.

People avoid combos because of the volume number of tips posted , but thats not smart. Now i will explaine you why.

Main argument is , you think i dont have 10.000 euro to start .

But in fact you dont need 10.000 eu to start. He will not post all 100 picks in one day so for example he will post 10 picks per day , so you will need only 1.000 euro to play all his combos.  ( remember playing high stake on assian u will need 1.000 eu just to bet one bet and here for 1.000 euro you will have 10 bets . 10 chances to win not just one )

Later you will play with money which you win before. So for me this is safer way to bet then high role Asian ( 1.000 eu ) per bet , because i think it is more easy to win 4 from 10 bets on odds 3.00 then 1 bet on odds 2.00 ( high stake asian ) 

That is called spreading the risk with more risk which in real is not risk at all. 

Explanation for this : Go now and write in paper random two combos odds over 3.00  ( 1.70 odds x 1.60 odds )  I bet most stupid punter will get 2 from 10 . . Two from 10 what this means in money ??? 100 eu per bet u invest /1000 eu u win only 2. ( 2 x 300 eu = 600 eu ) So this is half loose . Now tell me which Assian gives you -0.25 on odds 2.15 and u will have 10 chances to cover ? 

Do you get my point now ?

With high stake you have only one chance , win or loose thats it. With combos u have more cover.

What will happend if u are moderate tipster and u win 3 from 10 , u will probabbly get a push ( money back or small loose ) I bet 50% people here can win 3 from 10 on odds 3.00 ( combos )

Ourgoal is to have 4 from 10 wins in long run . Translate in money ( 1000 investment ) 4 x 300 = 1200 eu clear win of 200 euro / on 100 bets win is 2000 on 10.000 is 20.000 eu. If we compare that vs high roller 1000 eu per bet assain which profit is 10 000 eu per month or 100.000 per year or if u are small asian player ( 100 eu per bet ) then which profit is 1 000 eu per month or 10.000 per year.

If we choose to compare same investment bank 10.000 for 1000 picks ( 100 eu per bet ) combos wins if 4 from 10 = 20.000 per 1000 picks and moderate asian wins only 10.000 eu per year . For me it combo rulles not only they can win you more for same investment , cover spread of the bets is safer ( more chances to win )

Lets compare Combos vs non asian singles  then. ( remember most of the combos u can play always on Asian bookies non limits but even Non asians dont limit combos you can play all combos with 100 euro or more )  . So 20.000 per year with combos vs 2.000 eu per year playing on non asian. Remember 2.000 per year is best you can do with non asians ( only if you have 10 accounts on different bookies so u can play more money u can win more , or u can bet on local shop )

And now lets talk if you get lucky and win 5/10  ( 1000 investment ) 5 x 300 = 1500 eu clear win of 500 euro / on 100 bets win is 5000 on 10000 is 50.000 eu

And u have more chances to win if u are lucky enough with 6/10 ( 1.000 bank ) 6 x 300 = 1800 eu = 800 eu profit.

In high stake assian on odds 2.00 u will get clear win 1000 eu no cover nothing on one bet, i prefer to play 10 bets with cover . Yes it is true it is harder to win big 6/10 and win the same like with Asian high rollers but is also smaller chances to loose cos i have cover on my bets.

So you decide about pro and cons of combo betting vs high roller asian single betting.

I can explaine in some other article about combo betting more next time.





Now to explaine you about tricky yield !!!

FOr example u have now 100 units profit , and in next 100 bets u dont win nothing and not loose nothing 50% - 50% on all bets on odds 2.00 . What will happend ? Overal profit will be the same and yield will go down by 30% or more. And in first glance you wull think this tipster is bad . How this tipster is more bad now if you didnt loose any money ?? That yield will tell you he is not so good anymore and you will not follow him anymore. Which is wrong.

Yield without the profit is nothing. Profit without yield is still something moeny in your pocket remember that.