Handball might be a sport that is not that well known in many, many countries, while in others as Germany or Poland is one of the most followed. In my experience, this non-popularity applies too to the oddsmakers from different bookies, offering really bad-adjusted odds in some leagues or specific matches that can be used with very profitable results. Normally odds are hardly-based on H2H and stats, while there might be certain circumstances that can change drastically the outcome of a match, and these ones are not always taken into account. Okay, it's obvious that in a Champions League Final 4 oddsmakers are not gonna miss a hardcore information, but this happens many times during the season. Same applies to many handball tipsters on blogabet and other websites, where their explanations sometimes are reduced to writings like "bet on this team, they won 5 games at home in a row" or "bet over in goals, this team has a mean of 60 goals per match". Sometimes these "explanations" might be enough, but if you want to get a higher yield betting on this sport you definitely need to dig deeper. These are some tips and tricks from my experience that you can use:

- Try to search for a lot of local press, focusing in NON-ENGLISH languages: when you see odds that might be interesting for you, just try to search as much info as you can of that match in local press. Bookies normally get that information very late if the news are published after odds are already set. Specifically, if you read press that is NOT-ENGLISH based, bookies will take more time to adjust their odds, maybe more than a day. Don't worry if you don't know that language, using google translator is enough to get the basics of the article.

- Keep track of financial/economy problems: sadly, due to economic problems every few months news appear about teams that can't pay to their players, teams having to dissapear... As result, players can play without motivation, teams can get in a losing streak... We can take advantage of that if we can keep track of those teams. A good example this season was Midtjylland - men, which replaced all team mid-season and started losing games by 20 goals.

- Keep a close track of BUNDESLIGA: Bundesliga competition is crazy considering the moment handball lives now. It's just TOO MUCH games, considering the physical effort handball needs. Every team has to play 34 games each season which is crazy, specially if you compare for example with France where they play only 26. If the german team needs to play also European competition... players just won't resist. Thats why you have to track close this league, lots of players get injured or maybe have to play 3 games per week, and there will be chances where big teams will suffer a lot against "easy" teams, making you able to get an easy winning handicap bet.

- Keep track of SEHA LEAGUE participants: there are some leagues that don't have enough quality teams and top teams couldn't prepare properly for european competitions, thats why east teams created years ago the SEHA League, where best teams of those countries compete regularly during the year. This decision has been proved great, but makes some teams play 3 games in some weeks (local league + SEHA + European competition). When this happens, sometimes that team plays one of the games with a weakened team (B team, Reserves or mixture of A+B team). If you notice, you can bet positive asian handicap on the small team, and you will probable be good because the reserves of the big team won't be as good as the key players.

- WATCH HANDBALL!!!!!!!!!! : this is obvious, but trust me, lots of people that bet on handball DONT WATCH THE GAMES! You have powerful and FREE tools like EHFTV to watch handball in HD, so go and watch it to improve your knowledge! Also, you will have a great time :D


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