Many of these forecasters offer poor-quality forecasts. At the same time users attract high ratios or a high percentage of winnings of forecasts. To assess the success rate of a tester, both these factors should be taken into account simultaneously. The fact is that at rates with a coefficient of 1.1-1.3 even a beginner will have a very high winning percentage (over 70 percent). Conversely, if the average coefficient is 5-6, even among the most successful forecasters, the winning percentage will rarely exceed 25 percent.

It should be understood that the final profit from the predictions of the tipster with a gain of 43 percent and a coefficient of about 2.5 will be the same as for the predictor's advice with a guessing percentage of 55 percent and an average coefficient of 1.95. Following these forecasts, the player will be able to get an average winnings of about 107.5 percent. 

But the success of these two tipsters is the same only in theory. In practice, everything looks a little different. The fact is that every player who regularly makes bets, there are unsuccessful and successful series. The higher the average coefficient on the rates, the more often the player expects a series of defeats. For example, a series of 10 losses in a row will significantly reduce the game bank, and then it will be very difficult to recoup. In addition, it will have a strong psychological pressure on the player, so that he can make a number of mistakes and lose even more. 

On the other hand, with 10 wins in a row, the player with the higher odds will win more. But again, the higher they are, the less often the winning series will occur. For example, with an average odds of 2.5, the probability of guessing 5 bets in a row is only about 1 percent. While for players with an average odds of 1.95, the probability is 3.5-4 percent, which is almost four times that. 

Therefore, do not regularly bet on matches with high odds. This will avoid serious financial costs if you fall into a series of failures. The best option for choosing a capper is a forecaster, offering events with odds from 1.7 to 2.2. It should be taken into account the percentage of guessed events. And the lower the coefficient, the higher this percentage should be.