Fixed games, free or payafter - everything you need to know: I will try to explaine you how this scam works , so you will not loose money never again.

How this works ?

First somebody will tell you he have odds 15 and he want to give you that for payafter for 50 euro after the games.

So he will have 200 people who will say yes and bet 50 euro on that bet.

Simply he will give different results correct score 1:0 . 0-0. 1-1  2-1 2-0 ( lower odds for correct score and most lilkely to win ) in groups . Group A of 20 people will get 1:0 c.s , group b (20 people) will get 1-1 c.s and so on .

Then scammer have 10 groups with 20 people in each. For example group A wins on odds 5.00 on c.s 1:0 . Thats 30 euro x 5 odds = 150 euro win so 20 people will be willing to pay 50 euro for next pick  = 1000 euro easy money for the scammer.  Of course next pick will be LOST because these ain't fix games.

All people from other groups will loose 50 euro each from their on betting on the fake info provided.

So now in step 2 from 20 people who will pay to the scammer he will again make 5 groups a,b,c,d,e . Now he will ask for 250 euro after game , he will tell you to bet all of winning so you will bet 100 euro on odds 5-7.

With some luck 2 people will win again 100 x 6 odds - 600 eu and pay no problem 250 euro so again scammer will have new 500 euro without no problem.

REMEMBER: NO THEY HAVE NOT FIXED AT ALL they are simply more clever then you and want to take advantage of you.