Every game, every market, every alert - represents a possibility, an opportunity that sends a little tiny signal to your heart. For that split moment, you lose yourself to your imagination. 
Discipline never really registered in my early betting days, I suppose you could say I was a bit ignorant towards the whole thing. '' Sure I am disciplined' and I wouldnt give it a second thought. 
Losing heavily was an eye opening expeirence for me,  I had become so obsessed with winning that every loss hurt more than it should, and the more losses, the more pressure built in my head. The balloon finally popped.
I decided to stop and have a break for a while, my apetitite for betting wasn't as it was, which turned out to be a good thing. Because the most I learned about betting was when I wasn't betting at all.
Maybe 1or2 Month(s) off Blogabet, I started to become hungry again with the thought of a resurrection. But first of all I wanted to find out the What? How? Why? of my poor results, at the time I had blamed everything else apart from the real culprit - myself. 

I am a classic case of Never Chase Losses - I lost, I chased, I lost hard. Sticking to your stakes is vital, theres nothing more I want to do than up the ante after the 3 backtoback losses, but you must remain calm and accept that these potholes are on every road. You Will Lose and You Will Win, remember If your overall statistics provide you are in +Profit then you are a winner, do not worry about short term minus results (weekly/monthly). Focus on your overall Profit and do not stake to jeopardise it. There is somebody(not sure of username) on Blogabet that has a Profile picture and it reads something like ''I will Win, maybe not imediately, but definately'' Never truer words spoken, small things like that are a constant reminder of our position in the game.  A Little liftmeup.

From past experience, going half dozen points up by mid day led me to an afternoon filled with lack of concentration picks. When I managed to spoil the days profits it put my mind into frustation mode, often leading to chase, even when I would have still been in a 1or2 point profit for the day, my satisfaction would not be met until I had at least the original 6 profit back. Very dangerous indeed. The old saying goes Always Quit while your ahead and its something I use day by day now. When I finish up for the day on a profit whether it is small or not my life becomes more enjoyable,  you enter a mindset of positivity and it will reflect on you and your family. You then go to sleep feeling positive and it is excellent preporation for the next day. 

Theres any amount of softwares to buy or rent out there at the minute, all offering their own little edges, whilst some of them are helpful there is nothing that can compare to the raw ability of your own gut instinct. If you can create a positive mindset like above, you become confident over time, creating a perfect environment. If theres something in your body screaming yes - this is the bet, apply your stake and bet, theres nothing worse than having a feeling for a bet and not following through, it feels just like a loss. 

100's of games per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the urge the trade on games becomes harder because naturally you want to be involved in everything.
Pick and choose your days/weeks to bet, give yourself some time away from pc screen.
Before (In my days off betting) I spent my time on Bet365 looking for bets - so in truth I never had a break. I became burnt out. Did you ever flick through channels on your T.V and then you realise that you didnt even see one channel - complete auto-pilot.  These days off, I ensure do nothing related to betting. As rediculous as this sounds, a simple task such as constructing Lego is great because you are following other peoples instructions (Compared to following your own instructions in betting). It lets your brain rest from processing your own systems. 

I don't expect this Article to turn many heads, there is a hell of a lot more experienced folk out there that have far wider wisdom on the topic, I am just passing on an experience.
Thanks for reading,