Creating an account at Blogabet is really easy. Just click on the Sign-up button and a registration popup will appear. 

You will have to choose an address for your blog, and a display name as your public alias. Your display name can be changed at any point, provided that the alias you want is free, however, note that once you have chosen a url, it cannot be altered.

a picture of our sign up form

You then enter your email address (we strongly recommend you use Gmail), select a password and click to register your account. A validation link will be sent to your email. Allow up to 5-10 minutes and make sure you check Spam/Bulk folders. Clicking on it, your account will be confirmed and you will be able to login to Blogabet.

The first time you enter, you will see a remark that your account is limited. Limited accounts have full access to the website information, but they cannot participate in the main feed or send personal messages. To be able to do so, you need to verify a mobile number. 

Phone verification is simple. You select a country and write your phone number. Entering the free code that will be sent to your device, will verify your full account.  

a screenshot of our phone verification form

Another way to upgrade your account without providing a mobile phone number is through purchasing a service.