When you start placing bets using tipsters sports insights, you realize that you need a mechanism to track your earnings and improve your betting process. To help you do that, we have set a few features in place.

You see a pick you wish to follow, open the bookmaker to take the bet, but the odds might have changed in the meantime. So, what you do is click on the “Track’ button and enter the odds you were able to take and the amount you placed and click Submit. After the event is over and picks are graded, you will be able to track your personal result. Go to ‘My Tracking’ and you will see a snapshot of what you’ve actually made with your money and the odds you were able to take from each individual tipster. Click on the Picks tab to see the detailed performance. You can set a date range, display by tipster and filter the picks that are already graded.

In this example, the staked amount is 10 euros on each of the tips and all of the tipster. But perhaps you wish to stake more on tipster that you’ve had better performance with. Also, you might want to rely on their stakes and place more money on picks they have indicated as more certain. The way to do that , without keeping a diary is through setting own stakes.

Go to the blog of the tipster. Click on the ‘Follow’ button and select ‘Stakes’. The form will open, allowing you to select the real money amount you wish to set for stakes of this tipster. You can set them increasing or you can choose to set them flat - it’s up to you. After you save the settings, a real money amount will appear next to each tip of that tipster, making it easier for you to know how much to bet.

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