Across the board: A type of wager that is effectively a combination bet on one horse to Win, Place and Show. If the horse wins, you collect all three bets. If the horse is 2nd, you collect the Place and Show payouts. If the horse comes in 3rd, you collect the Show bet only.

All Out: When a horse is putting in maximum effort

Allowance: When horses of certain age are racing against older horses, a certain weight allowance is given

(AE) Also Eligible: Horses that are entered into the field, but will not run, unless other horses get scratched.

All Weather Surface: Artificial man-made surface that allows for racing to take place in bad weather conditions as well. Usual synthetic materials used are fibresand and polytrack. 

Ante Post: Placing a bet on a race before the day of the event, when the number of horses that might run the race is larger than the actual number that is later declared. If the selected horse is a non-runner, the bet is deemed as lost (no reduction factor is applied).

Apprentice rider (Apprentice jockey): Jockeys start as apprentices and are given weight allowance over more experienced jockeys. The allowance decreases as the jockey gains more victories within a specific time period.

Baby Race: A race with horses that are two-year-old, usually takes part early in the season

Backstretch: The straight part of the track opposite the finish line or in the stable area

Backward: A horse that is not fit enough or is not putting in enough energy

Bar: Short odds that are not mentioned in a betting forecast

(b) Blinkers or Blinders: Equipment, fitted to the horse’s head that restricts the horse vision, helping the animal to concentrate.

(b1) also known as First Time Blinkers: When the horse is using blinkers for the first time, a “1” will appear next to the “b”

(BD) Brought Down: When a horse trips or falls over another horse

Best Turned Out: The best looking horse in the paddock - usually awarded by race sponsors.

(BOG) Best Odds Guaranteed: A promotion used by bookmakers, where you take early odds, but if at the race start, they increase, you’re guaranteed to get a payout at the better price.

Boxed In: When a horse is surrounded by other horses in a way that it has nowhere to go.

Break Maiden: The first win for a horse or a rider

Bug Boy: Apprentice

Bumper: A race without hurdles or fences.

CD or C&D (Course and Distance): The abbreviation next to a horse indicates that the horse has already won over that distance at that corse. If the terms are separated “C D”, it means that horse has won at that course, over a different distance and over that distance,  but at a different course.

Ch: chase

Checked: When a jockey pulls the reigns to avoid a collision with another horse.

Cheek Pieces (p): Head device worn by horses to improve performance

Cheek Pieces for the first time (p1): Indicating that the horse is declared to wear cheek pieces for the first time.

Cls: class

Colt: A male horse

Computer Straight Forecast (CSF): The dividend paid for getting a forecast of the race (1st and 2nd in correct order)

Cond: NH conditional

Dam: The mother of a horse

Dead Heat: Two or more horses finishing at the same in a tie

(Decs) Declarations: A list of the horses that are to run a race. The most common types of declarations are early declarations (5+ days before the race), 5-day declarations - also known as a shortlist of likely horses and final declarations ( the full and complete list of horses that will participate; comes out 24 or 48 hours prior to the race).

Derby: A race for three year old horses

Div: Division

Divident: The return to a £1 stake from a selected bet.

Double: A bet that spans over two consecutive races, where the bettor has to predict both winners.

Eased: A horse that is stopped or pulled up during a race

Enquiry (or Inquiry): An investigation into a race. Can result in place reversal or jockey suspensions

(EW) Each Way: A type of bet where one selects a horse to place and win. The stake is divided among winning and finishing in one of the number of places (varying on the bookie and line can be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th). Read how to Calculate Each Way Bets

Exacta/Exactor/Perfecta: Type of bet where the player picks the 1st and 2nd to finish horses in one ticket.

(F) Fell or Faller: Grade F in the formbook is received by a horse that falls at a fence

Favorite: The most likely to win horse; the horse with the shortest odds

Field: The horses in a race

Filly: A female horse

Front Runner: A horse that usually runs on or near the lead throughout a race.

Furlong: 1/8 of a mile (201.1meters)

Gelding: A castrated male horse

Genuine: A horse that, when asked, will give its maximum

Graded stakes race: High quality race

Gd: Grade 1, 2 or 3 in Jumps

Gp: Group 1, 2 or 3 (Flat)

Green: Inexperienced horse; Running excitedly and without calculation

(h) Hood: A gear that is mounted to the head of nervous horses when running

(h1) First time hood: Will appear next to the horse’s name when declared to wear hood for the first time

H or Hur: Hurdle

Hampered (also snatched-up): A horse is said to be hampered when another horse crosses its patch, forcing the jockey to stop riding.

Handle: The total bet amount placed on a single race, day or season

Hcap: Handicap

(Hd) Head: A distance by which a horse can be beaten by another. 

Held up: A horse that spends most of the time during a race at the back, before being asked for an effort.

H or Hur: Hurdle

Heavy track: A grass racing surface that has so much water that is in almost bog-like condition

In the money: Finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd

Inquiry: See Enquiry

List: Listed

Long shot: A horse that is perceived to have little chance of winning a race, hence odds are high and can result in high profit.

(LTO) Last Time Out: Refers to the previous race of that horse

(Nk) Neck: A distance by which a horse can be beaten by another

Nov: Novice

Non Runner: A horse that was declared to run, but will not participate

(nse) Nose: The smallest margin of victory a horse can have

(NRNB) No runner No bet: A bet where the stake is returned if the horse is a non-runner

Off the Bridle: A horse that is not running well.

(P) Pulled Up: When a jockey decides to stop the horse from racing before the finish line, due to suspected injury.

Paddock: Area where horses are saddled and kept prior to a race

Perfecta: See Exacta

Pick 3/4/6: A bet over multiple races, requiring the bettor to pick the winner of 3/4/6 consecutive races.

Place: A place bet is a bet that a horse will finishing first or second.

Placed: Refers to a horse finishing within the first three

Post time: Time when a race is set to start. Bets must be placed at least 10 minutes before that time

(R4) Rule 4: Odds reduction due to the withdrawing of a favorite.

(RO) Ran Out: A horse that takes the wrong course or runs off the track and gets disqualified.

(RR) Refused to Race: When a horse refuses to take part in a race

Scratch: A horse that is taken out of a race.

(shd) Short Head: A distance by which a horse can be beaten by another

Show: A straight bet, predicting that a horse will finish in the top 2 positions of a race.

Sire: The father of a horse

Snatched up: See Hampered

Superfecta: A bet that requires to predict the first four finishers in correct order.

(t) Tongue Tie: Breathing aid that stabilizes the tongue

(T1) First Time Tongue Tie: When a horse is declared to wear a tongue tie for the first time

Tack: The equipment worn by a horse when it runs (saddle, etc)

Trifecta/Triactor: Trifecta is a bet, where one has to predict the top three finishing horses in the correct order

(U) Unseated: When a horse, without falling, loses its jockey. Usually happens in jumping a fence.

(v) Visor: Head-fitted device that restricts a horse’s vision and helps concentration

(V1) First time Visor: When a horse is declared to be wearing a visor for the first time

Walkover: A race where only one runner is left

Weighed in: A process of weight checking. Failure to weigh in correctly results in disqualification. Only after the winner is weighed in, can the result be 100% confirmed.